Introducing PSICO® Performance 4” Stainless Snorkel to suit Toyota Hilux N70 1GR-FE.

The all Australian Fabricated stainless snorkels are packed with features ensuring it is your first choice when you a looking to upgrade your vehicles intake system.

  • The high-quality Australian made snorkels are fabricated from stainless steel mandrel bent tubing ensuring high strength and rust resistant finish.
  • 4” diameter tubing is used from the inlet all the way to the airbox. PSICO® Performance prides itself on providing the most efficient and highest flowing products available.
  • Continuous 1-piece construction, our snorkel has no unnecessary joins inside your guard ensuring the best seal and reliability possible. 
  • PSICO® Performance stainless snorkels are available in durable satin black powder coated finish and satin polished finish as standard options.
  • Custom colour options including colour coding or specific powder coat colours available. These may be subject to additional cost and lead times.
  • PSICO® Performance stainless snorkels feature a unique flow optimised inlet grill. This grill is designed to stop large objects being placed in the snorkel while still allowing for the most optimum flow available.
  • PSICO® Performance stainless snorkels come in easy to install DIY kit including all components needed to install. Silicon joiners, templates, instructions, etc.
  • It can easily be installed DIY in a few hours.
  • All Australian Fabricated construction. Your money stays in Australia and supports Australian businesses and jobs and families.
  • Available in rear facing configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my vehicle need tuning after fitting one of your products?

No, tuning is not a necessity when upgrading the intake of your vehicle however, tuning can unleash additional power. When installing performance intake upgrades the vehicle has a greater potential for higher air density going into the motor.

The higher density air will increase the potential for power to be increased safely while maintaining safe combustion temperatures. 
Without tuning the benefits of an intake system will be better efficiency, lower EGT Temperatures, improved economy, reduced heat soak power loss. 
With the benefits of tuning Power can be increased while still maintaining safe engine parameters .

Whats included in a kit?

All PSICO Performance kits come complete with instructions, templates, and all quality components required to install the component. You just supply the time and tools.

How long will it take me to fit a product?

Most of our products can be easily installed in 2-3hrs.

Are your products Flow Tested?

Yes, we flow test all of our products and ensure that every product we make significantly increases the intake flow and efficiency.