Are your Filters Cleanable and Washable?

Yes, our filters are both washable and cleanable. They can easily be cleaned in minutes or if the filter had become muddied or stained the filter can easily be washed. We supply full instructions with every filter on the best methods of cleaning. 


Normal Maintenance – Clean Filter as required using low pressure compressed air (60–70 PSI) directed from
the inside (clean) surface toward the outside (dirty) surface.

If the Filter becomes discoloured PSICO Performance’s filters are manufactured with synthetic media and
are washable using warm water and dish washing detergent/detergent – *see below for ratio.

Soak the filter in Dishwashing Detergent mix for 3-4 minutes. Gently agitate the filter occasionally during
soaking (too much soaking in Dishwashing Detergent can harm aluminium). Rinse in clear running water until
all detergent has been removed. Shake any remaining water from the filter, DO NOT use compressed air to
dry filter. Set filter aside with the open end facing down in a warm, dry place for 24-48 hours, until it is
completely dry. Once dry, reinstall the filter.
*Dilute 2 Tablespoons of Dishwashing Detergent to 4 cups of water OR use a 1:30 mix ratio.

NEVER oil a PSICO Performance filter as this will only degrade the filters performance.


How do I Choose which Filter will best suit my needs?

When choosing your filter, we recommend using our Offroad filter if you plan on taking your vehicle into dusty situations.
These may include things like farm work, driving in convoy off-road, driving in dry dusty conditions etc.

The Offroad filter will give your engine the best possible protection against dust ingress while still providing great flow properties and long service interval.
If you do predominantly on-road driving with the occasional offroad adventure then our hi flow may be able to offer some additional flow.
The hi flow filter provides great filtration for larger particles 5 microns and above while still allowing the maximum flow. Suited to on road and off-road conditions where dust is minimal. Beach, mud etc.


Do PSICO Performance Offroad Filters need Oiling?

No,  Definitely under no circumstances should a PSICO Performance offroad filter be oiled. PSICO Performance Offroad filters feature a purpose made filtration media that requires no oiling. Oiling will reduce our filters performance.


Do PSICO Performance Hi-flow Filters need Oiling?

No,  A PSICO Performance Hiflow filter does not require oiling. PSICO Performance Hi flow filters feature a purpose made filtration media that does not require oiling. Oiling will reduce our filters service interval life.


Can PSICO Performance Hi-flow Filters be Oiled?/ What if I accidentally oiled my filter?

Yes,  While the current generation of PSICO Performance Hi flow filter does not require oiling. A PSICO Performance Hi flow filters feature a purpose made filtration media that is capable being oiled if desired. Oiling may reduce our filters service interval life. We recommend cleaning an oiled filter often. If you wish to oil a PSICO Performance Hi flow filter a low viscosity filter oil must be used. 


Will Your Intercooler Kit fit with a Winch?

Yes, PSICO Performance intercooler kits are designed with the serious off-roader in mind so all of our intercooler kits are designed to fit with common winch setups and winch compatible bull bars.

PSICO Performance intercooler kits will fit behind the grill on your vehicle with the minimum of fuss.


Will your Airbox fit with plastic snorkels?

Yes, the majority of our air boxes have been developed to connect to a plastic snorkel as well as Stainless steel snorkels. Although the airbox can be connected to a plastic snorkel most plastic snorkels are poorly sealed or unable to be fully watertight sealed at connection points.

We recommend using a stainless steel snorkel when a watertight intake system is required.


Will my vehicle need tuning after fitting one of your products?

In most cases No, tuning is generally not a necessity when upgrading the intake of your vehicle however, tuning can unleash additional power. When installing performance intake upgrades the vehicle has a greater potential for higher air density going into the motor.

The higher density air will increase the potential for power to be increased safely while maintaining safe combustion temperatures.
Without tuning the benefits of an intake system will be better efficiency, lower EGT Temperatures, improved economy, reduced heat soak power loss.
With the benefits of tuning Power can be increased while still maintaining safe engine parameters .

Disclaimer:Anytime modifications are made to a vehicle there is the possibility of your vehicle not responding positively to it as another one may have. This can be due to a large number of reasons including pre-existing modifications, pre-existing engine condition/quality, ECU parameters/tune, sensor condition/calibration and environment. Due to this reason and also the benefits available with tuning we recommend that you factor in the possibility of tuning/retuning your vehicle after installing an intake upgrade.  


Whats included in a kit?

All PSICO Performance kits come complete with instructions, templates, and all quality components required to install the component. You just supply the time and tools.

Are your Airboxes fully sealed?

Yes, our air boxes are designed to create a fully sealed water tight intake system. Our air boxes run an o’ringed port bung on air boxes that are easily accessible.
On air boxes that are in hard to access areas we run a hose to an easy to access location making it simple and easy to monitor and drain any water if necessary.
Some customers opt to leave there air box bung out to drain any water ingress from your snorkel inlet automatically and install only when necessary for water crossings etc. In order to ensure your intake system is fully sealed we recommend testing at install and regular intervals.
Note in order to have an entirely sealed intake system requires using suitable snorkel and components combined.


How long will it take me to fit a product?

Most of our products can be easily installed in 2-3 hrs.


Are your products Flow Tested?

Yes, we flow test all of our products and ensure that every product we make significantly increases the intake flow and efficiency. 


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