About Us

When a business is passionate about the industry they serve everyone wins. With that ideology in mind a brand is born. PSICO® is the automotive brand created by car enthusiast for car enthusiasts. The PSICO® brand was established in 2015 after an opportunity was seen for quality Australian brand that enthusiasts could identify with. So why PSICO®? Easy. For the love of boost and all things boost related.

PSI is a measure of pressure and the most commonly associated term in the automotive industry to anything boost related. CO is often interpreted as a shortened version of company. The word Company means being or associating with other people in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment. So PSICO® is the brand for the association of like-minded individuals that love the industry especially anything boost related.

PSICO® pronounced (Psycho) goes one step further. Think of the wildest boosted vehicles and out of your mind supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous vehicles out there. PSICO® represents this and is the brand for anyone with the love and passion for these things just like us.

PSICO® Performance is a division of PSICO® specifically targeting aftermarket performance automotive components. With a large focus on providing the best quality and designed components available today, PSICO® Performance is set to establish itself as a market leader in the industry. With an initial focus on providing the highest quality, Australian made intake systems for the extremely popular 4x4 and performance turbo diesel market, the range is ever increasing and will set out to cover all popular 4x4 and street car applications.

With 15 years in the industry designing, modifying and fabricating cars and components, PSICO® Performance has the knowledge and background to ensure that we deliver exactly what we set out to achieve. The uncompromised design, quality, fitment, and componentry ensure you get what you pay for and more. Whether your focus is on increasing flow and performance, improving economy or serviceability, or protecting your motor with improved filtration and sealing, PSICO® Performance has got you covered. We do it all and put it into every component we make.

Contact PSICO® Performance for your next project and see how we can help you.